Gnawin Forever
  • The Ultimate Interactive Chew Treat

    Gnawin' Forever

    The Ultimate Interactive Chew Treat

    • Up to two hours of chew time*
    • Safe, durable, refillable
    • Great taste of bacon
    • Made in the USA
    • For dogs over 25 pounds
    • Premium chew treat for
      adult dogs
    • U.S. patent pending

    What's in it?
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    *when treat is used in conjunction with toy

    Mr. Chompers with Gnawin' Forever

    The only dog treat of its kind.

    It's a toy. It's a treat. It's Gnawin' Forever, the revolutionary treat that dogs chew with their front teeth instead of their back teeth – so they can enjoy up to two full hours of chewing pleasure. The innovative design of Gnawin’ Forever keeps your dog challenged, entertained, and coming back for more! It's even reusable, refillable and dishwasher safe.

    How long is forever?

    Technically, it’s a long time. In dog time, it’s up to two hours. That’s amazing when you think about how fast your dog can finish off an ordinary “long-lasting” chew.

    What makes Gnawin'
    Forever so revolutionary?

    The secret is the housing. Your dog thinks it’s a toy, but the revolutionary housing actually slows dogs down by requiring them to use their front canine teeth rather than their powerful back molars to enjoy the chew – providing extended chewing time!

    Where can I get
    Gnawin’ Forever?

    Gnawin' Forever is available in stores and online retailers. Find one near you today.

    How does it work?

    • The housing unit is incredibly durable.
    • Great tasting treat keeps your dog busy up to 2 hours.
    • The toy is made of food-quality material for safety.
    • Dogs chew longer - but eat less than with most chews!